Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Missions of Lysa

LYSA commits itself in three service missions reflecting the priority it sets in achieving sound and sustainable operational results:

Public-Private paticipatory Partnerships

LYSA intervenes in medium-sized towns of developing countries in the framework of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) which call upon its rigorous management and corporate energy to achieve international standards of quality of service and sustainable operational profitability. LYSA can take action in the framework of public service delegation management processes such as leasing contracts or management contracts, and its remuneration is directly linked with the operational result of the public service. (Find out more)

Assistance in operational management to utilities

Achieving financial equilibrium of water and wastewater utilities is not only an objective for the latter, but also for water and sanitation administrations and financial institutions because it guarantees their autonomy and sustainability of services in the long run. Financial equilibrium is achieved through a rigorous management that requires specific skills. LYSA, a specialist in operational management of water and wastewater services, brings its knowledge to utilities and implements, at your side, performance improvement plans, methods for managing change within the organization, strengthening your staff’s skills, developing customer relations and social marketing, monitoring performance, reducing and controlling Non Revenue Water, each one of those areas being a key lever towards reaching sustainable financial health. (Find out more)

Management support to Administrations

Water and sanitation administrations need to measure the effective progress of public services they are responsible for, and improve the efficiency of their support and monitoring towards their operational units. LYSA has developed effective expertise with respect to the management of public water and sanitation service utilities and has elaborated the required management tools. Its missions are incorporated within performance-linked contracts. (Find out more)