Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Commercial management


In a universal manner, the public services orient their organizations towards a customer approach, to cope with the evolution of their market. One of the most important parameters in achieving operational equilibrium is the optimization of revenue and the recovery of outstanding payments particularly in developing countries where the vast majority of the population have low and irregular incomes.

It depends for the main part on the exhaustive treatment of the invoicing cycle, taking account of all the points of contact with the customers: connections, meters, invoices, receipt sites, call centers, etc.
As an international specialist, LYSA is able to provide the expertise and the tools necessary for rigorous, reliable commercial management.


LYSA's offer covers back office and field activities and allows real development of customer relations:


  • Strategies to increase receipts and reduce outstanding payments
  • Debt recovery campaigns
  • Optimization of the internal workflow of the company and of the sales circuit
  • Strategies to reduce claims and fraudulent situations
  • Survey, monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Appropriate payment facilities: Prepayment techniques, debt and connection cost payment spreading techniques, online payment
  • Promotional campaigns and social marketing
  • Management technologies: Call centers, remote meter reading, simultaneous invoice issue, automated management of technical interventions
  • Cartographic management of the "customer points" in order to improve decision-making
  • Customer census and survey
  • Meter reading round optimization systems
  • Metering/meter reading strategies