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LysaSoft® A simple and efficient software for your water businesses.

Being a small or medium-sized water companies, you need to manage precisely your subscribers and your invoicing, LYSA adapts its client management software to your organization and to the economic stakes of your company. The employees will easily adopt this simple software, and then urged on to improve the profitability of the company, they will use all the related tools.

Estimate your activity, establish indicators.

The software will provide clear and accurate points of reference on you commercial activity to your employees, giving priority to the efficiency:

  • Manage your customer accounts: debts, late payments or non-payments…
  • Monitor your clients’ consumption,
  • Manage the meters you install,
  • Manage your meter readings,
  • Manage your invoicing and your payments:  prices and invoices, promotions, discounts, receipts…
  • Consult your data, inform your indicators and consult your control panel.

Develop and boost the customer service of your company.

LYSA offers you a software which will enable you to achieve your commercial objectives and guarantees its good handling by the employees of the company. The growth of your water company will match with the extension of the software functionalities and their use as planning tools, performance measures and decision-support.

LYSA will elaborate for your company a mission of support to set up the software. It will fit perfectly in your organization, improving the productivity of the work flow and will also be aligned to your development objectives.

Integrate the software in your organization.

The management of the customer base is one of the highest priorities of the economic efficiency of your company. However, it also needs to be linked with other management functions: the treasury monitoring, the recording of incomes and expenditures, employees ‘conditions, stocks and fixed assets inventories and so on.

According to your company organization and employees’ skills, LYSA will assist them to set up the software functionalities either by activating the software functions or, whenever possible, by generating links towards other specialized software.

Easily and safely collect, save and transfer your data.

Needing to be the closest to your customers, the employees of your company sometimes need to be in other agencies, to travel and transfer data.

The software runs on a PC as in a client-server configuration and is adapted to small and medium-sized organization. It also runs with transmitting, archiving and saving devices which will enable you to guarantee the protection of these customer data which are strategic for your activity. Furthermore, it will facilitate analysis, management control and reporting for the supervisory authority of your administration and your sector.