Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Management Delegation

The delegating authority asks LYSA to create a company governed by the law of the state to manage the drinking water and sanitation networks in collaboration with the local players, and LYSA's remuneration will depend on their carrying out this task. 

By giving LYSA responsibility, at the scale of a medium-sized town or an urban district, for the management of drinking water and sanitation, the Delegator sets objectives for it to achieve, by contract, for a period of several years. These objectives are often agreed jointly after the initial diagnosis phase. 

Committed to fulfilling the contractual objectives, LYSA works hand in hand with the local players and assumes the entire responsibility of a specialised operator, guaranteeing the efficacy of its intervention. LYSA contributes its own knowledge to the local knowledge, and takes part in the sustainable construction of the water and sanitation service. Its remuneration for the work is dependent on the success of the project.

Promoting transparent management methods, LYSA will put in place organisational structures to ensure close cooperation with the Delegator which will allow him to monitor the progress of the contract and, at precise milestones according to agreed principles, to adapt the clauses to reality. 

The experience, energy and techniques provided by LYSA, will thus be associated with the local experience, energy and techniques, and from this alliance the will to succeed and a new dynamic will be born, which will make it possible to achieve the objectives agreed with the Delegator. These objectives often meet international standards in terms of quality of service.

At the end of the contract LYSA will withdraw from the programme, handing over to the authorities with whom it has organised this transition, a perfectly operational, autonomous network, with a robust management culture.