Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Institutional support and project management

All over the world, institutions responsible for planning in the water and sanitation sector, the implementation of the country's water policy (public administrations), for financing (financing institutions) or regulation of public water and sanitation services have to meet new challenges: formulation of public policies, mechanisms of involvement and private sector management framework, financing arrangements, operational translation of public service reforms, management of work projects, benchmarking and appropriate pricing of the services, effectiveness and autonomous operation of the management structures.

In this context, LYSA provides the advice and technical support necessary to optimize their investments, and their cost and performance indicators.

Thanks to its extensive experience in over 40 countries and particularly in difficult zones where disadvantaged populations predominate, LYSA has acquired real expertise in terms of public services, which goes from institutional and sectorial development to targeted operational projects, also including assistance in the design, organization and implementation of public-private partnerships (PPP).

All the solutions proposed take account of the special features of the intervention context and are tailored to the needs, financial capacity and strategic priorities of its customers. They are pragmatic, realistic and focused on achieving rapid and sustainable results.