Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

LysaCoach® A management support for small and medium-sized companies.

LYSA offer its services to water businesses to help them achieve their strategic objectives. Its services are related to several fields “human resources development”, “strategy and approach to management” and also “training”.

This mission is comes under the change management within the organization, in particular when the latter is confronted to a lethargic routine or an inefficient decision-making scheme. It relies on the joint implementation of participatory processes and mechanism of individual empowerment and accountability. The former allow to share strategic analisis, objectives, action plans and implement them in project mode and evaluate the results achieved. The latter allow to involve all the staff towards the fulfillment of individual performance-linked objectives on which partly depends their remuneration.

This approach combines continuous capacity building and empowerment of executives gathered within a steering committee and a training program designed after proper individual review and assessment of all staff.

Maximize your productivity.

You want to maximize the productivity and the efficiency of your company and you also expect your supervisory administration and the donors to identify you as a professional reference.
In order to help you to achieve this goal, LYSA will get your team to concentrate on the company’s objectives thanks to an original methodology for managerial support based on responsibilities’ development. The employee involvement into the internal steering, the acquisition of a rigorous monitoring of the management agenda will combine with the strengthening of various skills for analysis, delegation and control.

Be financially independent.

You need to achieve and cushion your financial autonomy while your supervisory administration expects you to provide a service without any external subsidies.
You will be able to manage it: with LYSA, you will divide the company’s profitability into sub-aims for each function and you will also establish progress indicators for each employee. Consequently, you will improve together every component of the company and finally be financially independent.

Obtain funds.

You want your company to get external subsidies, for instance in order to extend your distribution network.

LYSA experts will enable you to properly allocate and organize your efforts both in the short term and in the long term thanks to strategic planning tools and also by reinforcing the skills and motivation of your employees. As a consequence, you will prove that you can both work with clients on a day-to-day basis and maintain the infrastructure in the long run. Your profitability will fit into a sustainable perspective and you will be able to obtain more easily the financing to realize your investments.